Credit Freeze How To

Online Process

Snail Mail Process

TransUnionP.O. Box 2000,Chester PA 19016
Experian Security FreezePO Box 9554Allen, TX 75013

Snail Mail Form

Re: Security FreezeI would like to place a security freeze on my credit report.Name:              {Full Name}Current address:   {Street Address}                   {City, State ZIP}Former addresses:  {Leave blank if same for last 5 years}Date of Birth:     {mm-dd-yyyy}SSN:               {xxx-xx-xxxx}Drivers License:   {State and Driver License Number}Attached to this letter are the following documents and payment instruments:1. Copy of my {United States Passport OR Driver License OR Other Gov. ID}.2. Copy of the first page of my {Bank Statement or Utility Bill}.3. Check for $10 to process this credit freeze.Please contact me by mail at my current address or by phone at {phone number} if you have any further questions.- {Name}



I am a prolific creator, curious hacker, dyslexic writer, licensed and yet apathetic attorney, but above all else, I am human, and these are my ideas.

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